Brazilian Jiu-jitsu Training at Target Martial Arts Studio, Grantham

The Art of Dirty Fighting

Mean Streak MMA

Tuesday nights 6.30pm till 7.30pm is the night to learn the art of dirty fighting. Meanstreak MMA is a street orientated martial art. It has been designed by Tony Jackson who has 36 years of martial art training.











Taking the best and most effective techniques Tony knows, he has developed a fully gradable recognised martial art system that is suitable for anyone over 16 years old, who wants to develop street fighting techniques. Tony aims to grow his students not only in skill but also confidence and fitness. This is not a sport! This is a self protection system that explores all ranges of fighting from stand up to ground and the areas in between. Suitable to all skill levels, fitness levels and experience come join the Grantham Wrecking Crew.